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Acoustic Guitarist Keyboard Player
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Roadie Slide Guitar
Music Legal Issues Band
Bass Player Music Teacher
Music Industry Lead Vocalist
Pedal Steel Player Songwriter
Brass Player Backup Vocalist
Music Promoter Acoustic Violinist
Harmonica Music Producer
Electric Violinist Woodwinds Player
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Musical Needs

Looking to join a band Looking for someone to join my band
Looking for bands/artists to book Looking for bands/artists to review
Available for session work Available for club work
Available for regional touring Available for National touring
Looking for work with a band Looking for someone to help out our band
Looking for a music teacher Available to take on students

Music & Money

Whatever I do, I've got to get paid.
Well, I could use a little somthing.
If the band makes money, I make money.
I'm in it for the joy of playing, money isn't the most important issue.
Frankly, I'd rather not deal with the pressure and hassles that come withtrying to
make money with music... Let's just get together, jam, and have some fun playing.

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